1. What is Healthy Hustle?

Healthy Hustle is a cardio workout that uses hustle line dancing as its foundation.

2. How did Healthy Hustle start?

Healthy Hustle started when founder, Cynthia Grant Brown, attended a hustle class after her weekly Weight Watchers meeting and got hooked. One day her hustle instructor, Thomasenia Johnson, asked if anyone was interested in being an instructor and she signed up. Johnson started asking Grant Brown to substitute as an instructor for her in various classes.

3. What ages are appropriate for Healthy Hustle?

All ages from kids to Senior citizens.

4. What are the benefits of Healthy Hustle?

Healthy Hustle dancing can help you lose weight, build stamina, have fun and meet new people.

5. What skill levels are needed for Healthy Hustle?

If you can walk, you can do the Healthy Hustle. There are hustles dances ranging from beginning to advanced.

6. Where are classes held?

Classes are held throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area.

7. How long are the classes?

Classes range from 1-2 hrs.

8. What clothing should I wear?

Wear comfortable casual clothing that you can move easily in. Sneakers and or leather bottom shoes are good for hustle dancing.

9. How should I prepare to come to class?

Bring a positive attitude, lots of patience with yourself and a spirit of fun. We’ll do the rest! Drink plenty of water before class to hydrate yourself and be prepared to sweat!

10. What if I can’t attend classes, what other instructional aids does Healthy Hustle offer?

We have instructional DVDs available for sale that you can use at home to improve your skills.