“I purchased Cynthia’s first Healthy Hustle DVD several years ago in preparation for a 40 year college/sorority reunion. My sorority selected one of the hustle dances from Cynthia’s DVD as a performance peace for our Alumni Reunion Banquet finale.  We rehearsed weekly and circulated the DVD so we could practice at home. The Healthy Hustle DVD became our “Bible”. One of our daughters posted our rehearsal online so sorors from other states could practice as well.

Despite the fact that some of us had not danced in forty years, our performance was a show stopper and brought everyone to their feet! Cameras, recorders, cell phones were flashed! One of the attendees commented to her thirty year old son, “If you think they are something now, you should have seen them forty years ago!” All the credit goes to Cynthia’s Healthy Hustle DVD. My sorors which included educators, doctors, lawyers, engineers, CEO’s, CFO’s, all shared the same feeling about the DVD’s clarity of instruction. Cynthia’s visual examples were simplified; her verbal instructions were clear; there were no distractions. The DVD quality was excellent. We are already in planning for our 50 year reunion using Cynthia’s NEW Healthy Hustle DVD!”

Debra McIntosh Rhodes


“Cynthia, you’re a wonderful instructor. Your classes provide the opportunity to dance to the oldies and songs of today. The exercise I receive is great physically and mentally, but most of all its good for my soul. Thank you for your time and patience in teaching us the Hustle dances.”

J Barbara

“Cynthia’s relaxed approach brings comfort and ease to the atmosphere of the dance class. She arrives early, greets us with both a smile and lots of positive energy. In only a few months the class size has doubled in attendance. Many participants travel a distance, not because they’re in love with exercise, but because of the environment Cynthia has created. She makes the whole experience fun!  Cynthia’s involvement goes beyond dance instruction. She shares tips on improving health and offers suggestions on making positive lifestyle changes. She notices and compliments student’s improvement and spends time after class with those who want to work on a particular dance. With the keen eye of a “teacher”, Cynthia sees who needs help with a particular dance, then partners us to teach/learn from each other which has added to our camaraderie. 

On a personal note; During the several months, I have participated in her Healthy Hustle Class, I have lost almost 50 pounds!!! I have eliminated lower back pain and decreased knee pain.

Cynthia’s clear instructions, her ability to create a fun environment, her positive energy and  her willingness to share health tips, are reasons why I have continued to get up every Tuesday morning (especially during this winter’s subzero temperatures) to attend her Healthy Hustle Class!”

And “YES” this is a recommendation to join!

Debra McIntosh Rhodes