About Us

The Healthy Hustle is an excellent cardio workout and once you learn the steps you can join the dancing at parties and nightclubs! So put on your sneakers and join the Health Hustle crew and me for some fun! We have two rules: 1. Have Fun 2. Keep Movin’ and if you’re sweating, you know you’re doing the Healthy Hustle!

Remember to relax, have fun and keep movin’. Your Healthy Hustle Class is just that-a class! We’re all still learning. We’re not professionals or perfectionists so if we make a mistake it’s alright for us and it’s alright for you too! We’re people just like you who want to get fit and have fun doing it! So don’t be too hard on yourselves as you get started!

New Healthy Hustle DVD is now available!
Here are the Healthy Hustle Vol. 2 dances:

  1. Wicked, Wicked
  2. Chocolate
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Obama
  5. Rose Garden
  6. In the Line of Duty
  7. Watch My Feet/Pay Attention
  8. Footwork
  9. MJ Badd – Tribute to Micheal Jackson


Healthy Hustle Vol 1 Dances:

  1. Vanilla Swirl
  2. Cupid Shuffle
  3. Slide Hustle
  4. Turbo
  5. Basic Hustle #1
  6. Floatin’
  7. Sex Machine
  8. Smooth Hustle
  9. Get Low
“Obama” and MJ Badd” choreographed by Crystal Smith, Detroit, MI

Cynthia Grant Brown┬áis a fitness enthusiast who has done it all! She’s a marathoner, former aerialist, runner, power walker, and hot yoga practitioner. Grant Brown loves the combination of hustle dancing and the excellent cardio workout it provides.

Grant Brown is a veteran dancer who has performed in various productions in her native Detroit, MI and throughout the U.S.
She is also a former aerialist and tutor with the Red Unit of Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.

She is a certified corporate trainer having worked with organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Metropolitan Detroit Police Academy, and Woodward Academy Charter Schools and others. Grant Brown is a graduate of Cass Technical H. S., Wayne State University and is currently completing her masters in adult education at Central Michigan University.

Credits: Healthy Hustle Dancers (volunteers): Lois Stevens, Eddy Daniel, Camilia Worthy, Chanita Johnson and Bonita Tucker. Special Thanks to Oliver Brown, my ever patient husband; Thomasenia Johnson, Two Left Feet; Ava Williams, First Sight Concept Salon; Leslie Ragan and Dean Gholston, Touch of Class Events.